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Published on September 6th, 2012 | by Mark


Extraordinary light show performed by a group of 50-quadrocopter drone.

Many people consider the Quadrocopter, a small unmanned aircraft with four propellers, as a universal solution for aerial photography, reconnaissance, surveillance, and other tasks.

But what you will see in the video below reveals another somewhat atypical application of the Quadrocopter. This video is of an aerial light show demonstration performed by a group of 50 drones which, incidentally, is the largest group of drones ever to be used at once in this fashion in the world.

The show is part of the annual drones music and multimedia festival “Klangscholke” which was held in September in Linz, Austria. The organizer of the light show is the laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab. Also involved in this project is the Austrian Ars Electronica Futurelab and the German company Ascending Technologies GmbH.

Specialists of Ars Electronica Futurelab developed a computer model of air choreographic composition and equipped drones (Quadrocopter) with Hummingbird special radio receiver equipment and computerized modules that were developed and manufactured by Ascending Technologies GmbH. Drones were also equipped with multi-colored LED light sources that would make a for an attractive and exciting show at night.

The theme of the Klangwolke festival this year is to show the development of the world of communications, from the discovery of electricity to the advent of a global network – the Internet. Festival organizers had the idea that a group performance by a large number of drones would make for an excellent showcase for advanced virtual networks and digital communications. While it’s difficult to judge the extent to which the festival organizers were actually responsible for the technical realization of the idea, the show turned out to be quite impressive.


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