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Published on September 5th, 2012 | by Viktor Sobiecki


UN accuses 3 countries in the supply of arms to Syria

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has accused Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to supply weapons to the Syrian conflict.

“I am looking forward to my visit to Damascus in a few days time and also, when convenient and possible, to all countries who are in a position to help the Syrian-led political process become a reality leading to a transition that respects the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.”

Humanitarian organizations are alarmed over civilian casualties. Syrian opposition said the Duma in a local hospital found 18 bodies.

On Tuesday, Syrian President Bashar Assad promised the Red Cross to allow wider mission in the country.

Interesting, why in this list we are dont see Russia, one of the biggest players in East Weapons Market. As fakt:

Rome, July 20. RF power supply heavy weapons to the Syrian authorities and support them in the UN Security Council. This statement was made in Rome after talks with Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi head of the Syrian National Council, Abdel Baset Side.


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